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30 de August de 2018
Elimination of odours
30 de August de 2018
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Gas Absorption and Scrubbing

Our continuous innovation and study of how industrial gas emissions are treated as well as our experience in this field has positioned us amongst the main European companies in this sector.

We take into account the peculiarities of each company, adapting the specific needs in each case. To accomplish this, we have different gas scrubbing and purification systems available (Orderly packing; Turbulent contact, hollow towers with ring filler, droplet separator, aerosol separator, etc.).

We manufacture a wide range of High and Medium Pressure centrifugal fans.

Fans that operate with performances up to 87%, covering 75% to 120% of the flow at their optimum point.

Suction Ducting.

PPH 60000 m³/h fans.

Reservoirs, deodorising towers and ducting.

Horizontal gas scrubbing unit.

Horizontal scrubbers.

Corrosive gas scrubbing Fan and Tower.

PPH - TECO VA 1200 Fan.

Dust filter.

Fan and PPH Ducting.